When we are still addicted to playing various VR hk technologies

A big event happened in Hong Kong’s quiet Mimi.

A shop that claims to completely subvert the concept of Hong Kong people is ready to open!

Various black technologies have also solved the pain point for consumers to choose difficult diseases and high prices.

Also attracting a large number of big coffees in Hong Kong to gather in China Plaza

The most mportant thing is to satisfy the curiosity of our intelligent black technology fans.

Also playing VR hk? Don't be out!

A new trend that attracts a big wave of coffee. This store is about to open its doors.

I want to talk about one of the happiest things in Hong Kong's neighborhood this year.

But the strange thing is that there is no cashier in this store? ?

As a curious Pu anchor, it’s not easy

It turned out that this store is the experience of JOY SPACE Jingdong Unbounded Retail Flash Shop.

Pu anchor is also fortunate to Hong Kong fashion blogger Sonya, Guangdong famous singer artist Zheng Jianpeng

Fashion hot mom Zhang Tingting together to experience first

Pu anchor as a small and well-known net red editor

Immediately send you a fresh and hot first-hand live experience report

 JOY SPACE Jingdong Unbounded Retail Flash Store Live Experience

Accompanied by the light show, the store countdown starts

Colorful, dazzling lighting elements

Ice screen scene switching, like going to the future world tunnel to the future

Create a visually beautiful, romantic and romantic visual experience for the audience

Also let the various big coffees tonight come to experience JOY SPACE Jingdong Unbounded Retail Flash Shop

I finally have to enter the store to experience the "invisible"

JOY SPACE Jingdong Unbounded Retail Flash Shop

What does it look like?

Red frame geometric dislocation + glass perspective design

Concise and generous, the future architecture is both visual

General convenience store a few streets

The onlookers of the handsome guys kept on the overall structure of the store.

Raise your phone to pat and shoot friends circle

There are still many passing neighborhoods that are curiously looking

Without further ado, try this artificial intelligence.

In the future, we all rely on the face to eat people.

News Watch

I often hear people sigh now.

"Technology changes life, go out with a mobile phone, all get it"

Can make everything So easy

But now we don’t even have to directly eat on the phone.

Can't think of it? Duan Zi can also become a reality

No cash, no mobile phone, no credit card

You can pay by brushing your face

Simple and rude shopping method

Guangdong famous artist Zheng Jianpeng took us to experience the face shopping

You only need to complete face recognition authentication on the mobile phone first.

Through the unmanned store system, users enter the system through the “brush face technology”

Each item in the store has a unique identification chip

When you bring the Shangping you bought into the settlement channel

Brush the face to open "free payment" directly on your WeChat deduct the total cost of goods

And the whole journey takes only 20 seconds, and the whole process is called mobile payment.

And mobile payment (mobile payment - to achieve "by the face to eat the world"

Te fast-tracking new payment method completely overturns our imagination.

Eating on the face, letting the face pay is no longer just a spoon

AR test makeup has surgery, you are born with a stunner

es Watch

I didn't expect you to be such an artifact.

Cam and sensible girls are also unable to sit still

Who said that technology is more attractive to straight men?

Little fairy still plays black technology

Make-up change, take you across the line to test makeup

Three big hurdles for burning money, trouble and skin damage

Help you hit the most suitable makeup

It’s not necessary to eat the soil. All buy is clear~

Do not spend any more money on grass and grass!

JOY SPACE Jingdong Unbounded Retail Flash Shop is specially set up in the beauty area.

The black technology of the exclusive fairies - AR test mirror

You can make a one-click test for makeup such as lipstick, blush, eyebrow pencil, etc.

Sitting in front of you can find the makeup that suits you best.

With a click, you can know that you are suitable for that look.

You can easily find good things that add value to your face without having to apply it.

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