The most feared encounter on the plane is the bear child. If the child is quiet, what should I do if the child is impatient? For this reason, SkyLights launches the 360 VR aviation entertainment experience Skykids for long-distance children. Can provide children with some fun 360 VR experience.

Virtual reality is increasingly popular among adults and teenagers, but considering eye health issues, many 360 VR vendors set age limits on their products, so some young children can't enjoy the fun of VR. To solve this problem, SkyLights, a French VR entertainment solutions developer, announced the launch of Skykids, a new VR aviation entertainment system designed to provide in-flight VR entertainment for children aged 6 to 12 on long-haul flights.

Skykids starts with a small "wearable theater" called Bravo Theatre, allowing children to watch a selection of 2D, 3D and 360-degree movies without leaving their seats. It is reported that the 360 VR head display content includes the children's video of the 20th Century Fox.

As SkyLights pointed out, research shows that children under the age of 12 usually get bored in an airplane for less than an hour, and a survey by Expedia shows that bear children are the second most annoying passenger. If the VR head is safe for children, it may be a better solution than a tablet mounted behind the seat back.

According to SkyLights, the Skykids VR headset service has been tested on Air France XL Airways since July 1 and will continue to be available during the summer after major success. The company said that “almost all flights” demanded more than the supply. The company said that customer feedback "only has a positive side."

In addition, SkyLights will offer Skykids and its high-end Allosky 360 VR system to other airlines for adult customers in business class. Allosky is quite high-end, with a single-eye resolution of 1080p. Currently, the average passenger usage time is four hours, and the recommended rate is 90%.

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